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By trade I am an Outdoor Advertising Specialist. My company designs, prints and places billboard advertising campaigns for advertisers and advertising agencies. Last year our gross billings exceeded $1 million in production and space across the country.

Since I was a young student at St. Joseph’s Catholic School in Mechanicsburg, PA, I have been active in the pro-life community. Now that I run my own business and have access to great pricing and products, I can help the unborn through the professional tools at my disposal.

As such, we will help you to help the unborn through the following services:

  • You have access to our nationally negotiated rates for billboard production. No job or project is too small or too large. The rates you pay will reflect near wholesale prices.

  • If you use our services to print your billboards, we will design your custom ad for you at no charge. You may have us design your campaign specifically to your goals or you may choose from the gallery of samples we have already designed. If you see something you like in our gallery and want to customize it specifically to your organization, just let us know. There are no extra fees for customizing or creating completely new designs.

  • In addition to our printing services, we would be happy to coach you through the placement of your billboard space. You may be surprised at some of the discounts and special packages available. We won’t be able to actually place the campaign for you but will help by explaining approaches and methods.

I realize that there are other groups out there through which you can buy your billboards. Most of them have excellent pro-life designs of which they have pre-printed thousands, allowing them to offer you great volume rates. I am not in competition with these companies and I fully support any organization that protects and defends the unborn. I want to be able to offer a specialized service that may not be available elsewhere.

If you are interested in our help with your pro-life billboard campaigns, please proceed to the following pages and feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

If you are a commercial advertiser or agency and want to utilize the services of our Outdoor Advertising specialty company, please visit us at www.phasethreemedia.com. We welcome the opportunity to earn your business. You are also welcome to refer our business services to others.

John L. Hergenroeder III
President, Phase III Media and Production

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